THINOPTICS Product Review and Contest

I am not sure how many of my followers use readers or glasses, but my wife has two or three pair and can never find them. I lay my glasses down all the time and can never remember where I left them. I think it is a common issue, maybe more so among the mature audience.


Cell Phone Case and Universal Pod

Cell Phone Case and Universal Pod



A little while back I was contacted by a company making a new product that seemed to think they had a resolution to this age old problem and asked me if I would test the product and do a review. Their concept was to attach the readers to the back of a cell phone case, which I thought was a great idea.


The name of the company is THINOPTICS and I said yes I would be glad to sample their product. The glasses also come in a Universal Pod Case, which I ordered.


Universal Pod Case

Universal Pod Case


One takes an eye test on line if you aren’t aware of the strength you need and you can receive a pair that fits your needs. The first thing I noticed was how small the Universal Pod was and how easy it was to carry. I did not order a cell phone case, as my Samsung Galaxy Note is huge and they haven’t developed a case for that phone yet. They have an I-Phone and an normal Android case.



My Glass Case Against the Universal Pod

My Glass Case Against the Universal Pod


You get to choose between clear and black frames. I was astounded that my choice and strength actually gave me better vision than my prescription glasses. The last two times I have visited the Optometrist, he has given me two different prescriptions and neither one was good. Time to switch Doctors I think, especially after getting my new THINOPTICS.


Clear and Black Frame Option

Clear and Black Frame Option


The company was also nice enough to allow me to offer a contest for my followers and I have two coupons for a free set of readers. I have two questions from the web site for you.


1) What are the names of the four people in the various videos, in the testimonials on the web site. First correct answer receives a coupon for one free pair including shipping.


2) What are the 5 reasons Thinoptics can be returned (defined on the web site). First correct answer receives a coupon for one free pair including shipping.


To qualify, the answers need to be submitted on a comment, at the bottom of the blog post. Only one free pair per family. Best of luck to all of you.









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10 responses to “THINOPTICS Product Review and Contest”

  1. LerLer says:

    1)Nicole, Michal, Udi, Margo

    2) 5 reasons
    a) Flex me, I won’t break
    b) Try me in different position
    c) Tucking me in
    d) Perfect fit guarantee
    e)Lifetime guarantee.

    Hope can win this for my mum. This coming Sunday is mother day ^^ Happy Mother Day to all mother.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Congratulations you did win a pair. Please use the coupon below and complete the data. I hope you “Mum” enjoys them!

  2. Elle says:

    1) Nicole, Michal, Udi, Margo

    2) From clicking on the ‘Returns’ link:
    1-Fit Problem
    2-Strength not right for me
    3-Received wrong product
    4-Defective product
    5-Other (please add details below)

    Would love to win these for my husband so I’m not his ‘seeing eye human’ at restaurants 🙂

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      You won! Both answers are correct! Here is the link to use to claim your prize.

      Please let me know if you have any issues. Thank you kindly for participating and hope he likes them! Ha.

  3. Tony Navarro says:

    1. Margo,Udi,Nicole,& Michael
    2. Different Colors
    Wopn’t break, flex ability
    Lifetime guarantee
    Fit problem
    special nose grips.
    I hope I win:)

  4. Jeanne Nuccio says:

    1. Margo,Udi,Nicole,and Michael

    2. 5 reasons:

    a-Flex me, I won’t break
    b-Try me in different position
    c-Tucking me in
    d-Perfect fit guarantee
    e-Lifetime guarantee

    Be nice to see again when needed the most.

  5. Ray Abbott says:

    I received two pair I purchased when I received them there are fine scratches on both pair of glasses. Tried them on and in bright light you can see scratches why?

    Also will the cases scratch them there is no lining inside. Not very happy chat online didn’t know and to order others there is a $ 5.00 shipping fee really quess I will toss in the garbage. Ray Denver, Co

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I’m sorry you had a less than optimum experience with Thinoptics. This post was published over two years ago, so I’m not up to date on this company.

      Have you tried making contact with Thinoptics? Which “chat online” are you referring to? Was it with a customer service representative from Thinoptics, if so did you get a name?

      Please give me more detail and I will try to resolve the issue for you. Thanks.

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