Tiesto’s is Still Magnifico!!!

We walked into this great restaurant and proceeded to locate the host. He was in the back and asked if we had a reservation. I communicated the time and confirmed our reservation. A young lady server sat us in an area populated by Ex-Pats. I originally wanted Langostinos, which is my favorite dish in Cuenca. Kim did not cherish the thought of eating prawns, so I deviated and chose beef instead. Kim desired fish.
A problem arose as the fish items, just like the Langostinos are prepared for two. My Spanish is not sufficient and the server and I could not communicate. I asked her if she could get Juan Carlos Solano, who is the owner and head chef at Tiesto’s. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Solano on my past trip to Cuenca.
Juan Carlos came out and asked what he could do for us. I relayed the fact that this was my second time at his fine restaurant and Kim wanted fish and I wanted beef. He immediately asked Kim if she preferred Swordfish or Sea Bass. Kim chose Sea Bass. He asked how I wanted my beef prepared. I stated medium rare. He grinned profusely, as if to say I chose correctly. I asked what cut of beef and he said the tenderloin of course!
After your order is placed the server brings you fresh bread with a good helping of eight condiments or salsas. They are delicious and I ate too much. My apologies for the emptiness of the bowls, but I was starving and we ate a great deal of the items before I realized I didn’t have a photo. The blue bowl with the orange sauce is Aji. A spicy salsa from Ecuador and tasty!

The gallery of salsa pots sustains one for the time between your order and delivery of your food. You are not bored at all and one begins with a myriad of flavors, that I couldn’t get enough of.
Out comes Kim’s fish and it is covered with a mound of cream sauce, laced with various mariscos like shrimp, calamari and scallops. The sauce is a dinner unto itself.

Then they brought out the medallions of tenderloin covered in a marination that was incredible! I dived in with out taking a picture…AGAIN! 

We were then served additional sides including a cucumber, green pepper and radish salad; a couple of potato dishes fried and broiled, white corn, quinoa and many more. 

 After gorging ourselves for hours at this fine restaurant, it was time to head out and walk the six blocks back to the hotel. As we left our table and turned to exit, John Carlos lifted his arm, waved and told me he would see me again! I certainly hope so!

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4 responses to “Tiesto’s is Still Magnifico!!!”


    Love it. Sounds like you’re having a really good time, and have conquered the altitude problems you had before. I’ll have to pick your brain about a trip in September for Ken and I. Do they have Golf Courses? 🙂

  2. jack rosenberry says:

    Oh my… Your description is so enticing. I so wanted to be there with you. My mouth was watering and yet I’m wondering how I was going to get down all those steps without throwing up !!



    We are having a blast and Kim loves it so far! I am much better this go round, with the altitude thing and they have several golf courses. Just not sure what they are like. I haven’t seen them and haven’t played a round of golf in probably 7 or 8 years. Thanks for your comments and hope all is well!
    Thanks for taking the time to drop a note. We are so busy it is hard to communicate all the info and photos I want in my blogs and FB page. I will catch up when I get home. The food here is incredible and I am eating like a pig, but losing weight! Go figure! Thanks compadre!

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