Viking Cruises, Photo of the Day #19

On our Viking River Cruise a couple of years ago, we chose to extend our trip with a weekend in Lucerne Switzerland. The first place we stopped after arriving was at the Lion Monument, which was next to the Gletschergarten. I was able to photograph the entrance to the “Glacier Garden”.

Glacier Gardens Lucerne

The garden is 20 million years old and the natural monument was created during the last ice age. It is located in the middle of Lucerne and contains glacier pots which have petrified shells and palm leaves dating back to the ice age. Additionally there is a museum and mirror maze.

***Portions of our cruise were sponsored by Viking River Cruises. All opinions, as always, are those of my own. 

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36 responses to “Viking Cruises, Photo of the Day #19”

  1. AlejaLotus says:

    This is another destination I will definitely see, great discover you did there, a 20 million years old garden is a place you definitely would not like to miss. Great entry

  2. Melody Smith says:

    wow… 20 million years old! It must have been a great experience and the photo is very nice too!

  3. michael says:

    WOw. This place itself is a fossil. 20 million years old thats alot. Id love to visit.

  4. Scott Summers says:

    Wow the mere age of these place is a bit intimidating. For its age though, it is still looking good.

  5. Jonah says:

    It’s such a beautiful garden and knowing it is 20 million years old already makes it more amazing!. This is truly a must-see place!

  6. Caryn says:

    To see the Glacier Gardens should defo be in anybody’s bucketlist. You can’t imagine how I envy you or anyone who’s been there! 🙁

  7. Enyi says:

    I love to see places like this,a 20 million years garden this will be worth seeing.I like the front of the glacier gardens.

  8. Linda says:

    This is marvelous, a 20 million years old garden.Glacier garden is worth taking a look at,the photo up there is awesome.

  9. Berry says:

    Glaicer garden looks awesome and evergreen,a 20 million years old garden is worth visiting and capturing. Will love to visit there someday.

  10. odimdavid says:

    The glacier garden is really ancient and should be a historic monument. I will definitely want to see it. You made a very good choice here.

  11. Marian says:

    The front looks very similar to many cabin houses in the norther part of the Philippines. They exude that homey aura. I would love to visit Switzerland and see the sites you saw!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Hopefully one day you can visit. Interesting fact about the cabin houses in the Philippines.

  12. Allie says:

    I can’t believe what you wrote, that I actually need to read back again. A 20-million years old garden? That is impressive.

  13. carrie says:

    Really 20million years old? How old is the earth again? How did they preserve the place. That is totally insane and amazing.

  14. Cess Garate says:

    I want a rest house just like that. I’m sure it would be fun to have friends around

  15. shaira says:

    The place looks great despite its age. I would love to add this on my must-see places.

  16. Joseph Richards says:

    wow i cant beleive the age. its beautiful despite that. i would leave to see what it looks like more so.

  17. Angelo says:

    I’m happy to know such a historical place. I bet it feels sacred and peaceful there.

  18. Kei says:

    The place is really old. I can’t believe it. I hope they can still maintain and preserve that.

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