Viking Cruises, Photo of the Day #18

This will be my first post from our most recent Viking River Cruise, “Rhine Getaway”. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this trip was. We were treated like royalty, encountered wonderful architecture. learned a vast amount of history and almost couldn’t digest all the fantastic attributes of this recent journey abroad to Europe. Thankfully Viking was able to soothe our wounded frustrations after a beleaguered start. Our flight from DFW was delayed by mechanical issues and we arrived three hours late. It is wonderful to have a warm, damp washcloth handed to you as soon as you enter the Longship Eir and the wash away all your tiredness and dirt from traveling. Viking knows how to soothe life’s irritations.


Kinderdijk Windmill on a Cloudy Day


On our first day sailing after leaving Amsterdam we arrived in a small community of Kinderdijk, the Netherlands. Everyone knows the Netherlands is associated with windmills, but I had no idea of the complexity of their operations or that individuals still resided in some of them. It’s an unusual sight to see the inside of the windmills and how close quartered they are. One thing is for sure people who operate and live in the windmills have to be very dedicated. They are constantly on call for any and all wind! There were 19 windmills in this Unesco granted area, so designated in 1997. All were originally built in 1740. Imagine the weather and abuse these mills have undertaken and are still standing.




***Portions of our cruise were sponsored by Viking River Cruises. All opinions, as always, are those of my own.

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34 responses to “Viking Cruises, Photo of the Day #18”

  1. AlejaLotus says:

    I absolutely fell in love with the pic, I’m planning to go to Europe soon and I hope I can see some windmills myself, and of course go all the way to the north to the nordic countries

  2. Amanda Lee says:

    I didn’t know people still lived inside the windmills… It must be a remarkable scene indeed… I wonder what their rooms look like, with the round walls…

  3. michael says:

    i had no clue windmills were houses as well. But that age, they are over 2 centuries old and still standing strong. that’s fascinating.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Yes over two centuries old and still standing obviously means they were constructed well!

  4. Scott Summers says:

    Using windmills as homes is rare but not exactly surprising. How do they live in this everyday though?

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I think even thoughthe times have changed, they can still “live in the past”, just like some people who live in the woods, in a cabin.

  5. Alex says:

    It seems you had a great experience there. Great picture of a a very old but still standing firm windmill. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Garrick says:

    Tested by time, strengthened by will.. fully functional windmills are a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Thank you for sharing this poignant snapshot, sir

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      It was quite a visit. I was surprised the windmills were still fully functional! Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Enyi says:

    I have never seen a windmill and wouldn’t mind seeing one.The photo here is awesome, a windmill that has really stood the test of time despite all the weather and a good one then.

  8. Berry says:

    I know you had a great trip. That photo of a windmill is really amazing i have never really seen one would be nice to have a look at one especially one like this that stood the test of time.

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I hadn’t ever seen a windmill like this in person. In Texas we have windmills that help pump water up,but they aren’t habitable.

  9. odimdavid says:

    Windmills are really a thing to behold. I have never seen one and is enthusiastic about seeing one. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  10. Mandy says:

    The windmill is wonderful, the classic picture of a windmill. The windmills we have in our country is different since it does not have a wide base.

  11. Selia says:

    The Netherlands is a beautiful and peaceful country; my mom always wants to visit it someday. Thanks for sharing your experience, If we’ll be given an opportunity to visit it, I will include this place

  12. carrie says:

    I’ve never seen a legit windmill, I mean the classic one. What we have in our country are the modern style. The picture captured me totally.

  13. Cess Garate says:

    wow, that’s a cool windmill. windmill nowadays are too hi-tech.

  14. shaira says:

    the place looks a bit scary! but still, it would be lovely to see it in person.

  15. Joseph Richards says:

    almost two hundred years and the windmills still stand.i cant imagine living in one. that is a great picture you took. i love forward to more

  16. Angelo says:

    I never really saw one in person. I hope I also could someday.

  17. Kei says:

    That looks amazing. Always take care on your trip.

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