Why I Deserve To Win The Viventura/Marketing Globetrotters Trip To Peru and Chile With Mike King and Yngrid Arnold

That is the $64 million dollar question. Why on earth should this little old man “Deserve to Win” this leg of the Marketing Globetrotters trips to South America? First of all it is the only leg I can actually take, as I have a prior obligation with a trip to Japan beginning November 28, 2014 to see my oldest son. Why should a travel and food blogger who basically been at it for around 18 months deserve this trip before what I am guessing will be tons of experienced bloggers, who have been doing this for many years longer than me? The good news is I have made “The Shortlist” and will hopefully continue to make the various cuts in the next two weeks. The decision for the November 3, 2014 through November 16, 2014 leg will be decided on October 25, 2014. #Video is coming!!!



Ladies Looking at Goods at The New Cathedral

Ladies Looking at Goods at The New Cathedral



Well for 1) I actually started writing at the age of eight, when I helped my father, Carter Hinshaw put out a weekly small town newspaper in Texas and ran a Linotype for him. I edited and proofread columns and was allowed to write a few stories. We usually worked all night long and I would always fall asleep in class the next day. The school finally called and told my Mother, Juanda Hinshaw that I should either get a little sleep or stay home from now on. Obviously I started going to bed at midnight from then on and our paper was distributed a little later the next day, but it was tremendous experience. So in effect, I have been writing for 56 years! And I actually have met and talked with Walter Cronkite, who was a true authentic journalist with the highest integrity! #Video is coming!!!


Indigenous Man

Indigenous Man


2) One of the qualifications has to do with Marketing and for many years in my former life as a retail executive in convenience stores, I oversaw and directed the entire processes associated with the department. This included contact negotiations with all vendors and suppliers, sales by SKU reviews, annual marketing plans broken down by category, with projected GP%’s, GP$’s and share of overall sales. Not to mention attaining total budgeted sales year after year which at the end, ran into over a billion dollars worth . #Video is coming!!!


Bicycle Mode of Transporation

Bicycle Mode of Transportation


3) I was identified byHolidaze in the first ever, “The Best New Travel Blogs You Haven’t Heard of Yet” awards, one of eight blogs awarded this award in the first ever nominations. I was literally dumbfounded that after only about nine months I was identified as a blogger on the rise and to watch. This was done on January 31, 2014. #Video is coming!!!


Don Colon and the Nomadic Texan

Don Colon and the Nomadic Texan


This was the verbiage written on my behalf: “Mike Hinshaw is one of the most kindhearted travel bloggers I’ve ever met in the course of my travels and it shows in his writing – although if you do something stupid then he’ll be the first one to let you know ;) Whether inspiring others to visit Texas (we’re both from Austin) or sharing the excitement from his most recent trek through southeast Asia, Mike’s posts are always a joy to read. This guy has more energy and life inside of him than other travelers half his age!” #Video is coming!!!


Perfect Pitch from the Harp

Perfect Pitch from the Harp



Additionally Bully Travel named me as their first ever Travel Blogger of the week. I was blown away again and this happened right at a year of actual blogging, on April 14, 2014.



Finally in August 16, 2014 I was identified as #76 on the list of Top Travel Tweeters of 2014, as identified by TrueNomads Here was the tweet that caught me again completely off guard “Top 90 Travel Tweeters of 2014: Wanderlust in 140 Characters or Less via . I was very honored and have significantly grown my followers on Twitter since this award and am nearing that magic 10,000 number. Fairly decent, given I have only been doing this for around 18 months and have never “Bought” any followers. I detest this avenue of growing your numbers. #Video is coming!!!


Nomadic Texan Grinding the Beans

Nomadic Texan Grinding the Cacao Beans


4) I have good numbers on other social media platforms and am amazed at how quickly some of these numbers have climbed and the fact that a few are responsible for additional followers and helping grow my audience. As an example I just looked at my Pinterest platform recently and found that I have 2,464 followers and represents about 1.5% of my referrals. On Google+ I have 3,141 followers and it accounts for 8% of my referrals. On Linkedin I have 6,146 followers and it represents about 2% of my referrals. I think we sometimes concentrate strictly on Twitter and Facebook and do not comprehend the value the additional social media platforms. These three additional platforms represent approximately 11.5 % of my referrals for my blog! Please feel free to connect on any platforms identified! Thanks. #Video is coming!!!


Interior Cacao Beans with Fruit

Interior Cacao Beans with Fruit


5) Despite my best efforts to read and make sense of things like this https://victoriousseo.com/blog/referring-domains/ post on the Victorious blog, I have absolutely no knowledge of SEO and how to use it to my advantage. I really could use a couple of weeks with Mike King and maybe even some one on one time to really get my numbers growing! How much more fortunate could a blogger get? #Video is coming!!!


A Meal Made for an Incan King, Cuy! With Chef Patricio from Restaurante Corvel in Paute Ecuador

A Meal Made for an Incan King, Cuy! With Chef Patricio from Restaurante Corvel, in Paute Ecuador







Mike King is a Digital Marketing genius and a very good rapper!

Yngrid Arnold is the CMO of Viventura of Berlin and co-founder of Trip.me

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14 responses to “Why I Deserve To Win The Viventura/Marketing Globetrotters Trip To Peru and Chile With Mike King and Yngrid Arnold”


    Go fot it you Old Fart! Tell me how to vote. Is there a link in your FB post?

    Good luck!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      You have to “Share and Open” the post daily. Every time you open, read(or act like it) and share then I get a point. They add points up and on October 25th we are told. I would appreciate it greatly. I will also send out the post agin every day until October 25th. Thanks!

  2. Penny Sadler says:

    Mike, I know you would be the perfect person for this. Good luck!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Thank you so much for making a comment and I appreciate your thought! For some reason I didn’t receive an email notifying me of your comment. My apologies!

  3. Patricia Palacios V. says:

    Mike, sure I will post your blog! I hope you win and thus meet in Chile to know you in person. I always read you, late at night, as I prefer the quietness of the night to see my social media platforms. Good luck and see you soon!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and I appreciate your reading my social media platforms. I too hope that I win and get to meet several of my Linkedin friends from Chile and Peru! I hope I see you soon also! Muchas Gracias!

  4. Good luck with the contest!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate your wishing me luck. Take care and watch out for bears on your hikes!

  5. Breezy Lake-Wolfe says:

    We are rooting for you in East Texas!!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      I appreciate your support and look forward to getting back to Palestine Texas and trying another piece of Pineapple Meringue pie at the Oxbow Bakery and Antiques! Thanks.

  6. Cheryl says:

    We look forward to you winning and reading all about it! Good luck!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Thank you kindly for y’alls continual support and for your kind words. I sincerely hope you are correct and I win. It would be magnificent and I would be able to knock one of the major items (Machu Picchu) off my bucket list! Hope you are having a ball and enjoying life!

  7. Mike is very knowledgeable, generous and an excellent contributor to the world of travel blogging!

    • NOMADICTEXAN says:

      Thank you sincerely for the compliment and nice words. It is so nice of you to post this! Hope all is well and you are having a ball!

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